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In fit, finish, and performance, the two vessels are essentially indistinguishable. Forza electric boats look and feel like their gas-powered cousins. But Forza electric boats offer numerous advantages. EV boats are cleaner, quieter, less expensive to operate, and far easier to maintain.

The Forza electric motor has 90% fewer moving parts than an internal combustion engine and requires no internal engine oil. That not only makes them easier to maintain but can also reduce the chance of mechanical failure. The most important aspect of maintaining an EV is making sure that the batteries are regularly and properly charged.

Exact numbers will vary depending on usage, but it’s estimated that the average consumer will save between $1,500 and $2,500 in annual fuel expenses by owning a Forza electric boat. In addition, since the Forza electric motor contains no petroleum products, you can also save money on oil changes and other costly engine services.

Maximum EV range and runtime are improving nearly every day. While each will vary depending on usage, the average boater can expect between 4-6 hours of use on a full charge. These numbers will fluctuate depending on the boat speed, weather conditions, and the number of passengers on board.

A Forza electric boat can travel up to 70 miles at a lower cruising speed with battery life lasting up to 5 hours.  To help provide peace of mind, a precision digital monitoring system is built-in to each Garmin electronic display.

The Forza electric motor delivers a commanding 180 horsepower of peak power and can achieve up to 40 miles per hour under the right conditions.  Forza electric boats are designed as leisurely day boats, of course you can open that throttle and feel the power, but managing your speeds allows for longer run times.

Yes! The Forza electric is designed and built to perform like any recreational boat on the market. Which means our proprietary Forza motor is more than capable of mustering enough speed and power to enjoy all your favorite aquatic activities.

Yes! While many boaters feel the Forza electric is perfectly suited for lake and other fresh-water bodies, others thoroughly enjoy an ocean-based experience. Rest assured that Forza electric boats are designed and built to perform exceptionally in every marine environment. 

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